• Fourth comes the staging...

    Putting something on the stage is called staging. And it is in the staging that a detail which at first seems unimportant suddenly takes on an importance of its own. The route from the church to the place of celebration: a walk through the woods, accompanied by music and joy; then a beautiful voice is heard and suddenly a girl can be seen playing the harp and singing. The staging also includes just keeping the door to the prepared dining area closed until it is opened by the hosts or by the happy couple – an already-open door has no "wow" factor. Or when a supposed guest at a large stand-up reception suddenly begins singing like Elvis... staging is theatre suddenly revealed, a performance suddenly revealed, an appearance suddenly revealed.

  • Staging is the lead-up to a surprise, the lead-up to an unknown place, the sudden appearance of a little Italian delivery van that rattles noisily up to the gate – upon which a mafioso jumps out and kidnaps the bride, with all the guests having to give chase! Perhaps they will be led to an abandoned barn where the bride awaits in the company of the wedding cake. The whole force of a large event derives from the smallest details and these should all be staged, no matter how tiny they are. If the door to the reception room is deliberately kept closed once all the guests are inside, a strong force is produced from the concentration of so much joy in one place.

  • If the cooks simply cook in the kitchen, with the guests knowing in advance what to expect from the menu on the tables, with the food simply dished up, the necessary force is lacking. If, however, the chefs are working in the centre of the "room" (whatever form that may take), with each course presenting a wonderful new surprise, while a pretty waitress grandly announces the serving of "potato pasta pockets with apples and balsamic vinegar butter", the whole becomes an exciting event with the staging of the fine details.

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