• Second comes perfection...

    ... love in visible form. A nabob living in India long ago, who had everything and yet was not fully happy, finally found enlightenment in an encounter with a woman and in particular through observing her. He found this woman at a large marketplace and, as he observed her one whole morning as she concentrated on making arrows, always with the same devotion and the same perfection, he recognised the secret. This was always to be at the centre of oneself, always to be at one's middle point, always to remain in the middle and yet always to maintain one's own peace and devote oneself solely to what one is doing. This produced perfection in the details.

  • For your major event this means letting go, trusting, delegating responsibility, having confidence in other people, in other words the specialists of your choice. If everyone then does their best and completely dedicates themselves to making arrows, then perfection of the whole will result from the work of each individual. You may be asking what has that got to do with putting on a party? Just like with the building of a house, whether large or small, the better the individual work on specific details, the more spectacular the end result. Every small detail perfectly executed and harmoniously combined will contribute to the final whole: your big event.

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