• Third comes the aesthetic...

    ... the visible made love. An aesthete is someone who, seeing an inconspicuous copper pot in which potatoes are being cooked in front of the guests, wishes to move it by just a few inches: the clown laughs, the guest never notices and some people might even push the pot back the same few inches, because they see things differently. Aesthetics is a question of our eyes, of seeing or seeing less, with some seeing nothing at all. Aesthetics is purity and order in one, depending of course on what we understand by purity and order. Because aesthetics can also exist in disorder if, despite the disorder, traces of the aesthetic should be found there.

  • For a major event, aesthetics means the combination of numerous small, perfectly arranged and harmonious details into a single whole.

    If you as the host believe in the importance of aesthetics for the overall impression, if you value order, purity and beauty and do not wish to determine all this for yourself, then your event needs a conductor for the grand concert, a conductor for the individual musicians.

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