• Salt

    Khoysan Sea Salt with Organic Herbs. Non-iodized || harvested by hand || natural.
    We use only Khoysan Sea Salt to season all our dishes. Khoysan sea salt is completely natural, harvested by hand in the best climatic conditions on the west coast of South Africa. The gentle extraction method means that the salt remains completely intact and can fulfil its vital role as a basic food and cooking salt...

  • Altaussee rock salt. Mined by hand II natural.
    The rock salt/natural salt/halite that we use comes from the Altaussee mountain core.This unparalleled precious salt is characterised by its high quality, unforgettable taste and brown colour. The precious comestible has been lying dormant for over 250 million years in the mountains of the Salzkammergut and is mined by hand. In contrast to common table salt, rock salt or natural salt contains a high concentration of minerals and trace elements and regulates the body's fluid balance, which is the base for a functional metabolism. Pure natural salt is essential for human beings and contributes to a long, healthy life and well-being.

  • Olive oil

    Lio Orfeo Bocelli. About 10 years ago, we met Lio Orfeo Bocelli in the small village of Bibbona in Tuscany. Lio Orfeo invited us to visit his small cellar and experience the scent of his Olio Extra Vergine Di Oliva, which was in a tank covered by a linen cloth, for approximately 5 seconds. A lasting memory. And a lasting friendship. The scent rising from the tank was unforgettable, as is the joy we feel each time we use this olive oil for our dishes. Both for our guests and for our private consumption. The olives are picked by hand and cold pressed to create the best extra virgin olive oil. Small amounts for a few good customers. Lio Orfeo Bocelli sold lingerie until he was 50 years old. He then bought a manor with about 750 olive trees and since then Lio Orfeo Bocelli has given his undivided attention to the olives and the Olio Extra Vergine Di Oliva „Podere Sacchirotti". Lingerie is a thing of the past. Except, of course, for that of his wife.

  • Eggs

    Waldtraud Lambacher. Waldtraud Lambacher has lived with her husband Konrad for several years on their farmyard in the beautiful area of Villnöss valley – by the way, it is also home to Reinhold Messner, for whom we cooked on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Approximately 2000 hens that are free to do as they want every day live with Waldtraud and Konrad on the farmyard. They have their run of large meadows and green grass to their heart's desire. The only thing that Waldtraud and Konrad ask of their hens is that they lay eggs – about one a day if possible. On a daily basis, Waltraud loads up her fire-red Range Rover with the best of the eggs and brings them to her customers. We are among these customers. Waldtraud makes Tagliatelle all'Uovo with the smaller eggs...

  • ...We make rye tortelloni with potatoes and black truffles from Umbria.
    Years ago, we made the decision only to use eggs from so-called happy hens, because we have no problem spending a little more to ensure that the animals are kept under the best possible conditions.

  • Buckwheat

    At the Staffler. We use buckwheat frequently and lovingly because we like it and value it; we use it for dishes such as tortelli potatoes, roulade, dumplings and other dishes.
    The Staffler at Renon above Bolzano, at roughly 1000 m above sea level, does not call his best and healthiest flour buckwheat but Schwarzplenten flour. Schwarzplenten flour provides vital protein and vitamins (especially the B group), is easily digestible and is primarily gluten-free. It goes without saying that our Schwarzplenten flour from the Staffler is organic, because today the "younger generation" plants in the same way their fathers and grandfathers planted in their day; fertilizers are foreign to both the elder and the current generations.

  • Bread

    Homemade bread. All the bread we serve is homemade and is made exclusively from nutritious flour. We bake relatively few types of bread because we generally avoid carbohydrates in our dishes. A low-carbohydrate diet is, in our opinion, healthier. Of course, we serve bread with our dishes, cheese or traditional Marende snacks. Our classic homemade bread types are spelt-wholemeal, rosemary-olive, apple-wholemeal and walnut.

  • Fruit and vegetables

    Love and joy. All our fruit and vegetables are selected and bought carefully and lovingly – but above all conscientiously. And sometimes we drive a little further to get the best plums or the right artichokes. In the asparagus season, we buy the asparagus exclusively from the surrounding area. Sometimes vegetables or fruit are organic but we cannot claim outright that we only buy organically grown vegetables and fruit. It is much more important for us to know where the fruit and vegetables originated and, even more importantly, that they are prepared with a high degree of commitment, love and joy. These emotions are then transferred through the dishes to the consumer, who is also able to experience feelings of happiness and joy when tasting them.

  • Fish and meat

    Human health. When we prepare lunch for employees in our kitchen, it is generally without meat because we believe that a diet without meat or with little meat is beneficial to and maintains the health of the individual. The environment is also spared in the process. The meat that is prepared in the kitchen for your guests is ideally treated, without any  exceptions. It is cleaned with loving hands and carefully marinated for example with the finest olive oil, rosemary and garlic. We generally use beef and avoid the use of veal and lamb. The only pork we serve is speck in discreet amounts. On the other hand we like to use fish, but again only in small amounts and, above all, in the full knowledge of where the fish comes from. Lovingly cleaned, filleted and gently marinated in the best olive oil. Quickly cooked at your party. From the pan directly onto the plate and immediately to you and your guests.
    Rainbow trout with Termeno asparagus, orange-vanilla hollandaise, grassland spinach.

  • Kitchen

    Sun-drenched. Our kitchen is a sun-drenched place and the atmosphere in the kitchen is almost always harmonious. This atmosphere is important for the optimal success of the dishes, because only chefs who enjoy cooking, are in harmony with themselves and have a loving and joyful approach to food are happy chefs; this joy is transferred to the dishes and is tangible at your party.

  • Dishes

    Gourmet cuisine. The preparation in our kitchen is like the mise en place of the gourmet kitchen. Everything that it is possible to prepare in advance is prepared in advance in the kitchen, but only what is possible. That means in turn that we quickly prepare everything on site that we consider "possible" for us. The only thing that is taken ready made from the pot is the prepared pumpkin soup made to Roland Schenk's recipe. The tortelli potatoes with Golden Delicious have to be made in the preparatory kitchen. This involves a whole day's work for 2 chefs for a party of 120 guests. Fish is filleted, boned and lightly marinated in the finest olive oil. The Angus beef filet is cleaned, tied and lightly marinated in olive oil, rosemary and garlic 3 days before the party. This gives the meat 3 days in the cool store to infuse and then on the day of the party it is cooked at a temperature of 120 degrees for roughly 8 hours before it is served and then left to rest at around 70 degrees. It should then be perfect...

  • ...However, the red wine sauce for the Angus beef filet – this also requires approximately one working day for 120 guests – is prepared and literally only has to be served.  We pre-prepare everything that takes a lot of patience, work and a long cooking time. Everything that has to be served as fresh as possible onto the plate is cooked quickly on site – wherever that may be. From the pot or from the pan onto the plate, as it were, and sometimes this takes place in front of the guests. At the same time, at a different location, the desserts are lovingly and carefully  set out on the long white table, while someone else arranges the numerous candles for the long candlelit path that leads to your dessert buffet.
    Dessert presentation by Hannah & Elia.

    Our values (pdf)

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